The Yamhill County Economic Vitality Summit, Strategic Doing in Yamhill County, was convened by Yamhill County Commissioner Stan Primozich and facilitated by Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) and ChehalemVIA. This start-up summit brought together community members, stakeholders, and leaders for the purpose of identifying actionable economic development priorities for the county between now and 2020.

Prior to the event, a countywide survey determined top 5 areas of concern: transportation, housing, infrastructure, land use, and workforce and talent development.  At the summit, 93 participants became 5 teams, one team for each area, to determine the top priorities in each area. Then the teams participated in a Strategic Doing™ exercise, led by the University of Oregon Community Service Center, with the goal to learn techniques for tackling these priorities. With priorities established and a proven method of engaging community to “do,” the summit was 100% successful and laid the groundwork for the next session on February 1, 2017.  For more information, contact ChehalemVIA, SEDCOR,  or Yamhill County Commissioner Stan Primozich.