Last October, we challenged  Newberg High School Graphics Design students to develop creative ideas for art and signage for the accelerator – based upon researching high-tech startups and brainstorming their own ideas and notions based upon the accelerators mission and positioning.  As their client, we provided them with project specifications, just like we would any creative agency:

  • Design art (film/clings) for the windows first and foremost (inward/outward facing)
  • Overflow the art for the ceilings and floors, if interested
  • Plan for implementation with constraints such as: a) the artwork/signage has to be something that can be removed if/when we leave the building or that may be appropriate to leave behind, and b) it falls within a materials budget that the accelerator can afford.

14 initial concepts were selected by the accelerator board of directors and other stakeholders.  We then met with all the design students and ask the 14 designers to meet in teams with the rest of their peers and refine the 14 concepts based upon feedback for each design. The result was 68 revisions.  One design was unanimously selected (a second time) with minor revisions.

PHATGFX  is working with the NHS students to implement the designs in the first room – the Fermentation Tank –  and donating their expertise and time, plus materials at cost.

  • Step 1: a student team will paint the window wall a light green.
  • Step 2: a student team will work with PHATGFX to apply the artwork on the windows and walls.

In the Fall of 2017, we start the next design challenge for the next 6 windows, spanning 2 rooms. Stay tuned!