The exterior sign over the Elliott Rd entrance is up!

Special thanks to Ashley Lippard Designs, Icon Communications and Sign-on for getting this done! Ashley did the artwork (over and over… wash, rinse repeat), Icon took the measurements, did the mock-ups and helped marshal the sign application, and Sign-on took care of the sign! And thanks to the City of Newberg for getting us through this process!

Geez… Now we have all the amenities – coffee makers, a kitchen, a printer, a projector/room (courtesy of Fidgetech), the coolest graphic artwork in Newberg from Newberg High School and Phat GFX, our own entrance, great tenants/clients, great neighbors (CPRD) – what a difference a year makes! And it’s all community-led and supported!

Installing the sign is the exclamation mark on year one. We finished moving in. Now it’s time to get serious and build capacity.