Growing Innovation & Technology in Chehalem Valley

The purpose of the Chehalem Valley Innovation Accelerator (ChehalemVIA) is to accelerate success for regional startups and entrepreneurs, with a focus on technology-driven businesses. We provide:

  • Creative workspace with high-speed Internet at no charge – for full-time or transient occupancy
  • Prospective customers relationships
  • Industry partnerships
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Funding assistance
  • Help getting products & services to market – locally & globally
  • Brand identity & website development

Our secondary mission is to provide leadership, tools, capacity, and processes for growing the regional economy. We work passionately with other organizations in areas such as workforce development and other purposeful innovation initiatives and projects to ensure the foundations are ready for regional businesses as the digital economy expands.

ChehalemVIA connections with regional industries such as advanced manufacturing, precision agriculture/viticulture, food/beverage/wine production, and healthcare provide opportunities for startups aligned with them. You may have products/services that fit a different industry. Let’s discuss.

Whether you are a startup or an established business looking for offsite project incubation resources, ChehalemVIA’s goal is to help bring your innovations to market in our local industries including: wine, agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, and education. These industry segments are well-supported in Chehalem Valley with businesses willing to foster innovation and, more importantly, with the potential to purchase your products and services. As a distributed accelerator, if our facilities don’t meet your needs, we can help you find other local resources and maker-spaces to achieve your goals.



Come visit our facility, tour the community and experience the unique opportunity available to your startup here in the Chehalem Valley. You will have access to local mentors in the agriculture, manufacturing, education and medical technology industries, as well as to advisors who can help assure that your business plan, funding and implementation are following best practices for success.


In the short-term, the Accelerator is housed in the Chehalem Parks and Recreation District administrative facilities in Newberg, Oregon. There are two accelerator pods with breakout rooms for meetings, collaborative discussions and ideation. Fully-wired with high-speed internet, each pod can comfortably accommodate 6-8 people, 1-3 tenant teams.


The Accelerator partners with businesses, education centers, and other support organizations, with a focus on local industries including manufacturing, high-value agriculture, and medical-dental. A Board of Advisors with broad experience provides expert coaching and mentoring. Assistance is available to help identify funding sources.


Individuals and businesses inside and outside of the community are eligible to apply for work-space and other resources in the Accelerator. Upon successfully “graduating” from the Accelerator, we ask that tenants support the local economy and locate their businesses in Chehalem Valley for at least 2-3 years, enjoying our community’s support.


ChehalemVIA can provide dedicated space for its tenants, but many of our clients have their own facilities – and some just need to use the facilities periodically for meetings, presentations, and events. So whether we are actively engaged in helping you with your business or providing you resources that help you develop your business, our goal is still the same: accelerate your success!



AriAscend joined the Chehalem Valley Innovation Accelerator in June, 2016.  Their goal was to use their extensive knowledge of aerial drones to develop precision agriculture solutions using aerial imaging. Like many startups, AriAscend changed course after developing a proprietary UAS Identification solution.

Fidgetech is a purposeful, supportive community for young adults on the autism spectrum to learn technologies, uncover interests and talents, develop technical skills, and achieve educational, work, or personal goals.  Their four programs – Explorer, Education, Portfolio Builder and Maker – are designed to help young men and women aspire to their personal technology and life goals: from exploring their passion to making a product, starting a business or getting a degree.

George Fox University College of Engineering provided a Senior Design team to AriAscend for their initial precision agriculture startup. After it became clear that aerial imaging of vineyards could not provide the data necessary for accurate vineyard management, GFU created the VitiBot program, pivoting from the air to the ground. Now in its third year, the program engages Senior Engineering Design teams and has developed a prototype robotic rover to autonomously crawl vineyard collecting data for analysis and vineyard management.

Helping Hands Reentry is a non-profit organization dedicated serving the homeless in Oregon. Besides providing shelter and reentry services in locations around Oregon, Helping Hand is has a unique capability: their Tactical Demographics System (TDS) is a home-grown software application that provides a dashboard and reporting about all aspects of their client population, facilities use, and trends. When Alan Evans, the founder of Helping Hands, presents TDS to other communities and organizations, everyone wants it. The accelerator is proud to help Alan and team take TDS to the next level.

Incusense is next serial startup in the sensory business for the team. The founders and owners don’t really need help from ChehalemVIA, but their team travels-in from CA and various communities around and outside the Chehalem Valley. They use the facilities routinely for 2-day offsites

Lett Solutions is an entrepreneur’s imagining of how to hold and turn something with your hand, at the end of your arm, heavy at the moment, with strength and flexibility. So why not start with a real pain-point in the commercial restaurant business?  Fryer baskets. The wimpy basket handle becomes a power-lifting, ergonomically safe and servicing mainstay in the kitchen.

The Amateur Radio Group of Oregon, ARGO, has only been in existence for a short time. Its mission is to provide resources, education, training, and mentoring in the art, sciences, and enjoyment of amateur radio. ARGO’s goal is to have their own facility within three years. In the meantime, they are using ChehalemVIA as their launch pad. Check out their event calendar under EVENTS, EDUCATION & NETWORKING.




ARGO Meeting Calendar
Meetings are held at the accelerator)

Sunday, December 8th, 2018
Basic Skills Class, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

First Tuesday of every month
Board of Directors Meeting, 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Second Tuesday of every month
General Membership Meeting, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM



SEDCOR’s Economic Business Forum Lunch is a fixture on the region’s business calendars. Each month, experts speak about timely topics pertinent to business leaders across the spectrum of industries represented by our membership. This forum is held as a business lunch on the second Wednesday of each month. Our forums are held at Broadway Commons located at 1300 Broadway Street NE, Salem.

Check the Technology Association of Oregon’s event page to learn more about their events and the resources they can provide.


The Oregon Business Technology Center offers residency to startups that can benefit from their services. Residents pay rent for their office space and high-speed Internet as well as advisory services. Check their link to find out if they have any events and resources that might benefit.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a wide range of services and programs. One of the most important is their template for creating your business plan. Want to build your own business to success? Try their Traditional Business Plan. Have an innovative product or service that you want to take to exit quickly, Try their Lean Business Plan. Regardless, you will need a business plan. If for no other reason, than to convince funding sources to invest in your business.


About the Accelerator

ChehalemVIA is a non-profit, community-supported, tech business accelerator sponsored by the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is to help local entrepreneurs and businesses bridge the gap between ideas and implementation with a focus on accessing relevant industry resources and local, ready-made markets of prospective customers. This supports our community’s goal to identify and support market-driven startups that fortify our vision for the Chehalem Valley of a vertically integrated and robust local economy.

Our partners include the Cities of Newberg & Dundee, Yamhill County, George Fox University, Ashley Lippard Designs, Technology Association of Oregon, PIE (Portland Incubator Experience), Innovate Oregon, Built Oregon, the University of Oregon, the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab, the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership, SCORE, SEDCOR, and dozens of regional businesses.

Located in the heart of Willamette Valley and Oregon wine country, our idyllic setting is a bonus. Our priority is to help your business succeed.